Saturday, July 18, 2009


We just got back from dinner and I wanted to share some birthday pictures with you. Noah turned eight years old today and it was a great birthday for him despite the fact that he did not have you; his family and friends with him. We had a birthday party for him in the school cafeteria and some of the students even did a puppet show for him. He loved every minute of it! He was spoiled with little gifts from the students and has been enjoying his new toys today. We went swimming in the afternoon and are now getting ready to watch a movie.

Today I had my second coffee experience in Brazil. This time I took one of the locals with me so that she could tell the Barista exactly what I wanted which was an iced mocha with rice milk. They don't have rice milk here, so that was not an option. I ended up with a cappuccino shake made with milk. It was the size of a kid cup, and was again made with a packet of cappucino! It was o.k., but not good enough to drink on a regular basis! The first thing I will do when I get home is make an iced mocha with rice milk! Anne, you better be enjoying them for me because I am having some serious cravings!

Ezra, one of the students here took a few of us to get pedicures today. It was $6.00 for a pedicure! I will be ruined when I get back to the U.S. for certain things. The cost of living is so much cheaper here! We looked at a house to rent yesterday. It is a two bedroom house a few blocks from CTMDT. The cost would be $300 American dollars a month plus utilities! Pretty depressing isn't it?! You have to buy all of your own appliances and furniture, but those items are also very cheap. We are praying about whether to stay at CTMDT or move into this home. There would be benefits to both and we just want to "Wait upon the Lord" in making our decision. We have one week to decide. We have a meeting on Monday night with some of the staff at the school to talk about about our next step after the upcoming Mission Trip, as well as whether or not I will be teaching an English here at the school. We hope to make our decision about the house after that meeting.

I don't think that I ever mentioned the street fair that we went to last weekend. If I did then sorry for being repetetive! It was the most amazing street fair I have ever been to. It starts at 5:00 in the morning and was totally packed by the time we got there at 7:30. There was a large group of us that went. We had about ten Americans and five Brazilians to help translate for us. It was quite the experience. The kids were with us which made it hard to shop. It was so crowded that we dared not take our eyes off of the kids. I am going again tomorrow morning with just the gals to buy some souvenirs! I have to say that the porta potties at the fair made the ones at home seem like glamorous powder rooms! I will do all I can to avoid them tomorrow! Enough said!

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe Noah is eight! I'm sorry we missed it but I'm sure this will be a birthday he'll always remember. Hopefully that's a good thing.

    We miss you! Thanks for the updates and all the pictures.



  2. great pictures. Happy birthday Noah. We will pray for the house decision.

    love you all,


  3. Hi!
    Give Noah extra b-day hugs for us. Hope you received the "smilebox" email we sent him for his b-day. I have thought of you when I have had my rice milk mochas. You will doubly enjoy them!!
    Miss you tons!

  4. Happy Birthday Noah! Happy Happy Birthday to you! What is it like to be 8?

    love Abe, Kallen, and Shelli

  5. Shelley - We've sincerely lost track of time. Please tell Noah we all miss him and are so glad he had a wonderful birthday. Anna prays for her cousins everyd ay. We would really love to do a Skype phone call as soon as possible so the kids can all see each other.


  6. Noah,

    I'm very sad that I missed your birthday. I will miss you when I am in Rwanda. I love you.