Sunday, July 26, 2009


My dear friend, Danielle(a teacher at the kids school), sent me the following quote today from the book "Wild Goose Chase": "God is setting up divine appointments all the time and as long as our motives stay pure, and our spirits stay sensitive, He will make sure we meet the right people at the right time." I love this quote, and it is perfect for the story that I have to share with you this evening.

Marko and I have been looking at rental houses in the vicinity of CTMDT. We have been offered the opportunity to stay here at the school if I stay on to teach English to the Brazilians, however, we think we would like a place of our own. As we have said, the students and the staff here at CTMDT are amazing, but this is like a college campus, and college aged students are NOT quiet! We get to bed really late every night due to the noise level, and our alone time is next to none! Based on those facts, we have decided to pursue finding a house to rent.

When you rent a house or apartment in Brazil it comes like an empty shell. I know I shared that in an earlier blog. You have to buy everything before moving in. Well, we looked at the one house a week or so ago, but it just did not feel quite right. Last week Marko was talking to an American, Rachael, who lives here full time with her Brazilian husband. As Marko was sharing that we are looking for a house, Rachael's eyes lit up and she got what we call "The Holy Spirit Goosebumps". She has been staying with a family two blocks up the road who are planning on moving out in the near future. The couple, Anna Paula and Leonardo, have a testimony that is similar to ours and they are just waiting for paperwork to go through so they can move to Portugal with their two children. Rachael took us by the house and we knew immediately that this was the house we wanted to live in. We stayed for five minutes and then left with hope in our hearts.

Yesterday, we were headed into town for breakfast. We decided to walk by the house (which we call "our house", so we could show it to the kids who hadn't seen it. Leonardo was out in his yard when we peaked in the gate. He came over and insisted that we come in and have breakfast with them. We were looking forward to eating eggs in town, and as Americans, we also felt like we were imposing, however, we had heard that it is rude to say no when invited to a Brazilians home, so we accepted. Well, what started out as breakfast turned into eight hours of food, fellowship, and prayer. This was truly a divine appointment! It was amazing how similar our testimony was to Anna Paula and Leonardo. They feel like God has been preparing their house for us. They even plan to leave just about everything when they move which is unheard of! There is so much more I could say, but my whole family is with me at the moment and I cannot even concentrate! I will sign off with some pictures and a requests for prayer regarding this house. It is very small and very simple but it is perfect for us. The whole house is the size of our master bedroom back home, but we love it! We want a completely different life here in Brazil. The yard is big for Brazil, and there are several fruit trees including a couple of banana trees! Oh, one more thing to note is that the house is directly across the street from the school we are planning on having our kids attend! Was this a divine appointment? I believe in my heart that it was!


  1. juks,

    I continue to pray that the Lord paves the road before you. Divine appointments are a great word. Just want to know which hammock is mine?

    love dave

  2. S, M, M, N, and G-

    Just wanted to let you know I check your blog almost every day and then after postings we read it together as a family. We love your stories, we love the pictures, and love gaining insight, reading your thoughts on the big adventure. Shelley you do have the ability to express your ideas and give the reader a glimpse into your experiences and lives. Thank you for sharing.

    The redness of the house is a positive factor, it looks charming. We love and miss you all-

    Julie & B & D & A

  3. Shelley! Such great news! We are thrilled to read your updates and keep up on what is going on. love, susan and brook

  4. That's wonderful, I am happy for you. Can't wait to see Belo when I come in November. You'll still be there right??! :) I miss you!! Love to all... xoxo -kpd

  5. Wow! I got goosebumps reading that one. I love the house-it is so charming and so great that it is close to the school. Your adventure is getting more exciting by the day. Miss you tons!
    (Which coconut is mine??)