Monday, July 6, 2009


We arrived at CTMDT (The Missionary School) on the 4th of July. This is where we will be spending the next month in training. The school is like a small college campus and is fully protected by a cement wall. It is a very serene place with old architecture, a variety of vegetation, and two beautiful swimming pools. Our room is a large dorm room with three sets of bunkbeds and I feel like I am back in college! You cannot put toilet paper down the toilet and the only hot water is from the shower, but we are enjoying the "simple life". My biggest concern in coming here was that I was told that we would have to do laundry by hand! Can you imagine doing laundry for five people-by hand?! Fortunately, the staff had pity on me and they are allowing our family to use one of two washing machines on campus. I was so thankful I wanted to cry! They do not have dryers, so it is old fashioned clothes pins on a clothesline for drying. You won't find me complaining!

The people are lovely! The average age of the students is around 18 and the majority of them are local Brazilians! They are as eager to learn English as we are to learn Portuguese! It is pretty funny trying to communicate, and we are hopeful that by the end of our time here we will be able to communicate to some degree!

Our plan is to stay a month, however, I was just asked to teach English to the Pastor and his wife for an additional three months. I am praying about whether or not to accept this job. We are relying on the Lord to direct our path.

We were surprised today when Josh and the other staff called us up on stage and introduced us as a part of their staff. We are going to be on staff with i2 Ministries for six months while we decide what direction we are going to take. We were also informed that all of our expenses (here at the school) are being paid for by the ministry! We get all of the benefits that the other staff get including housekeeping and free food whenever we want! We were so honored and blessed and thankful to God for His continued provision.

I need to go study now. Fact of the day: There are roughly 1.5 billion Muslims in the world today and 300 million (15%) of them are radicals.

Our kids are adjusting well. The students play "football" with them and love to touch the tops of their heads (It appears to be a cultural thing).


  1. Great to here about the 6 month on staff with i2 ministries. The Lord is providing. We will pray for you about the teaching job.

    love dc

  2. Shelley, Marko and grandkids,

    Thanks for the update. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Dad and Leslie

  3. We need pictures!! Sounds lovely! Congrats on the 6 months (I guess) Sniff! Sniff!
    Anne :)

  4. cozy sleeping conditions:) love the pool pic of the kids. sorry to hear about the coffee - I wouldn't survive!!! I miss you guys. xoxoxox

  5. Praise God for the help with laundry! :) Much love to you.