Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Happenings

October has been a full month of traveling, visitors, and birthday parties.  Gabriella turned nine years old on October 9th.  We celebrated by taking her our to pizza with our friends, the Christians.  Her party was the following Saturday when Aunt Tootie and Uncle Bob were in town visiting. Her party almost ended up being moved the hospital as Gabriella cut her foot when falling into the coastal waterway.  My heart caught in my throat as I watched daddy carry my birthday girl across the dock with blood streaming down her foot.  Fortunately, though long, the cut ended up being pretty artificial.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Tootie were our first out of town guests and we loved having them here to celebrate with us.  Unfortunately, Uncle Bob was not feeling very well and ended up in the hospital upon his return home.  He had a kidney infection, leg infection, and congestive heart failure.  It looks like he will be in a care facility for the next three weeks or so as he continues to recover.

Marko (daddy) traveled to Los Angeles with Joshua to pack up the old i2 offices and move everything to the new Missions to Muslims library location at IHOP Ministries in Kansas City.  Currently, Josh and Jussara are preparing to travel to Indonesia for the Transform World Conference next week. This conference is designed to meet the challenges of Islam in Multiple Spheres.  Marko will not be traveling with them for this conference as he will be flying to Brazil with Marko Gabriel to check on our businesses there.  

Marko Gabriel accompanied me to the Global Training for Enagic Inc. in Orlando Florida last weekend.  I am a distributor for this amazing company that sells alkaline water machines.  Marko and I had a great time with our friends and business associates; Sean, Carlos, Brita, and Howard.  We love this business and are completely sold on the benefits of drinking Kangan Water.  Our machines change ordinary tap water into highly alkaline, antioxidant water that will change your life.  Since starting on the water three months ago my energy has increased ten-fold.  Our bodies are acidic due to the foods and beverages that we consume.  Disease can only grow in an acidic body so when we proactively work to make our bodies more alkaline, the health benefits are incredible.  If you are interested in learning more about Kangan water please contact me at (425) 350-4882.  You can also watch an online demonstration at:  If you, or anyone you know is suffering form any type of disease, or even if you think you are healthy as can be, you need to be drinking this water.  It is the future of our water and you don't want to miss out on its benefits.

Upon our return to Fort Lauderdale Sunday afternoon, we hopped on our bikes and rode the short distance to the Pompano Beach Airpark where Marko Gabriel went for a helicopter lesson.  For those of you who don't know, Marko wants to be a pilot.  At 13 (almost 14) he has logged in several hours flying small craft airplanes.  This was his second experience flying in a helicopter and he loves both equally.  Though he cannot get his pilots licence for about three more years, he flies whenever he can and has been given the opportunity to volunteer at the airport washing airplanes etc..I love that he has already found something he is passionate about.  Some of us seem to take a lifetime to realize our dreams while others know what they want and are able to pursue it from a young age.

Hurricane Sandy just missed us this weekend but packed some powerful winds and rain which is always fun for us.  We pray for those in New York and other East Coast States that are bracing for this historic storm as it threatens to ravage their coastline.