Tuesday, July 21, 2009


On Sunday, I had my second experience with the largest street fair I have ever seen. Four of us gals took the local bus into Belo Horizonte. It was an hours drive on a standing room only bus (fortunately, we all got seats). Unfortunately, the man next to me was hacking up a lung the whole ride so I am praying that I won't get sick!

We were dropped off in downtown Belo where we stopped off for a quick breakfast at one of the local restaurants. Breakfast typically consists of numerous meat and cheese filled pasteries. The pasteries are amazing here. I think that they are all made fresh and lack the preservatives that we are so used to back home. I am not one to eat pasteries (especially in the morning), so I ate my protein bar while the girls ordered their snacks to go "Pardeleva". I don't have my Portuguese dictionary with me at the moment so I know that I spelled that wrong!

We then walked several blocks to the fair where we split up into two groups and spent the next two hours shopping. I bought several souvenirs and a late birthday gift for Noah from Grandma Barbara. Overall it was a very productive morning. I even managed to avoid the porta potties this time. We figured out that if you pay $1.00 at the local restaurants you can use a clean bathroom! There is even a lady in the bathroom that cleans each stall after every couple of uses! Now that is more my style!

As I am sitting here writing, I am having a bit of deja vu. I am remembering that I already wrote about my trip to the fair as I was sitting by the pool with the kids on Sunday. Sorry about that but now you just got an expanded version of my experience in Belo! Now I will talk about the kids!

The are doing really well. Noah and Gabriella seem to be doing better with homesickness. I know they will have days like that and so will mommy and daddy. Overall they are doing amazing. Marko has become friends with the kitchen staff here at CTMDT and is their little helper. The staff: Saju, Zuma, and Seeda, are all very nice and go above and beyond to help our family. They even make me special meals if I ask so that I don't have to eat the nightly pasta that they serve. Saju (male) brings Marko with him to the grocery store and they come back with their arms full of food. Marko, as you can imagine, loves his role as helper. In his spare time he is memorizing scripture with his brother and sister, doing homework, and designing his new store. Yes, he is planning on building another store when he gets home! This one is much bigger and will double as a guest house! We are still trying to figure out how to pay for this new project of his, but we fully intend on supporting his efforts. You should see his designs-they are amazing and we are so proud of him!

Noah is of course wowing the students with his gymnastics abilities. He runs, jumps, climbs, and flips over anything he can at CTMDT and is enjoying his freedom. He is playing a little soccer with the locals here and there which we know makes Grandpa Terry happy! He is his tender little self and snuggles mommy and daddy whenever he gets a chance. He is doing really good on his math homework but it is a struggle to get him to read or write! He would rather be jumping across rooftops (another one of his goals in Brazil)! YIKES!

Gabriella is a bundle of energy as always and is especially loving her freedom. I am actually a little concerned about the lack of structure in her schedule right now. It will be hard when school ends for Marko and I and we get back to a more normal schedule. She runs around here like she owns the place and hangs out in the school store where she knows that she is going to get free snacks from Saju, Zuma, and Seeda! The locals are spoiling our kids with love and with sweets! Gabriella is doing really well in school. I have the kids doing homework every morning and she is such an eager student! I love that I don't have to nag her to do her homework.

Well, we are off to town for dinner so I will say goodbye for now!



  1. Hi! I have a heck of a time just being able to make a comment on this blogspot... So great to see your posts and your faces! We miss you! Happy belated b day to Noah! Love you guy's- Nancy and Elijah Jukanovich

  2. great pictures. the street fair looks awesome.
    really appreciate you keeping up on the Blog, it makes it real for us back home.

    love you guys,