Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well, I promised some kid stories, so here they are: Our first week here when we were staying in the hotel in Belo Horizonte, Noah got a bloody nose down at the pool. Daddy asked Gabriella to get some toilet paper from the bathroom (which was right next to the pool). Instead, Gabriella decided that it would be better if she got some toilet paper from our room (on the 8th floor)! Mommy, who was up in the room, was quite surprised when her five year old daughter knocked on the door! We had to have yet another converation with our independent daughter about not going off by herself-EVER!

That same day, we were walking into town so daddy could get a haircut. We stopped at a shop which had a barber shop on one side and a clothing store on the other (the two were connected). While daddy was getting his haircut Noah and Gabriella decided to investigate the clothing store. Mommy had stepped outside for some fresh air (truthfully there is no such thing in Brazil). To my horror, I turned around to see my two younger children in the store window with their hands up a mannequin's dress! There they were, right in the store window which happened to be facing the street! I ran into the store, told them to stop, and then asked them what they were doing- to which they replied: "We just wanted to see if our hands would reach all the way up to her neck"! I sighed with relief over their innocence and told them that I did not want them to do that again. Of course they wanted to know why and I had to come up with some reasonable answer that would placate them. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it seemed to work. We have not had anymore mannequin issues to date!

Our kids know that they are not supposed to go near water when mommy and daddy are not around. There are two pools on the campus and we take them swimming twice a day. The rest of the time (while we are in class) they are not to play near the pools. Well, our little girl decided that she would just walk across the bar stools that are in the shallow end of the pool (by herself-in her clothes). As you can guess, she fell in. She hit her chin on the cement bar stool and soaked her clothing. When we found out what happened, and imagined what "could" have happened, she was in big trouble! Grandparents, please do not worry too much. I think we have finally made the rules and boundaries clear to our wandering child!

One of Noah's goals in coming to Brazil was to climb a coconut tree and pick a coconut. I had no idea how serious he was until there was a group of us talking down by the pool. All of a sudden I hear this "Hey, mommy" from what sounded like far away. I turned around and looked up in the direction of the voice. With absolutely no shock (considering the source) I gazed up at my younger son and laughed as I saw his tiny figure thirty feet up in a coconut tree with the thumbs up sign! Our friends, on the other hand, as well as the grounds keepers, were a little more frightenend than I was. We ran to the base of the tree and told him to come down slowly at which time he got his first lecture about climbing trees in Brazil. Unfortunately for him, he was only about ten feet away from picking a coconut. Fortunately, he found one on the ground and one of the locals opened it for him so he could drink coconut milk the native way!

The last kid story I have is that our next door neighbor (in the doorm room next door) came up to us and told us that our kids are "so quiet". He said he never even hears them! Marko and I laughed and told him that it was probably the six inch cement walls between our rooms! Never have we heard our kids described as quiet!

Well, that is it for now. Hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. Juks,

    love the pictures and the updates. look forward to them every morning. we continue to pray and others are praying as well. we have Noah's birthday written on the calender and will celebrate with him from here.

    love you guys,


  2. OMIGOSH, I don't think I can handle anymore G and Noah scary stories--Ha! They are adventurous!!!! Looks beautiful there. So happy you get to swim--sounds awesome!!!
    Anne ;)

  3. Thank you for the pictures. Miss you guys!!!

    Thinking of you