Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tears for Sudan

This morning we watched a video about Sudan as a part of our class on "The Life of Muhammad." As a result, there was a room full of emotional students, including myself. I have included some photo's from the video in hopes that you will be able to grasp the destitution of these people. Most of us know that Sudan is riddled with poverty and sickness. What is unknown to most of us in the West is how Islam has brutally controlled and maimed the Sudanese Christians.

Three thousand Sudanese Christians are killed every week for their faith. They are raped, sold to slavery, brutally murdered, and even forced to become soldiers at very young ages.

If a Christian converts to Islam, he or she can receive help from the government. If not, they are left to survive on their own. Starvation and sickness are killing the Sudanese in large numbers.

At times, I am almost embarrassed to be an American because of the reputation for gluttony and consumerism that we have around the world. Today, as I watched this tearful video on Sudan, I was proud to be an American. In the 1990's, Americans responded to the need in Sudan. We dropped large amounts of food into the hardest hit parts of Sudan, and we continue to do so. The food that has been sent has transformed the lives of the sick and dying. Even so, the situation in Sudan is far from inhabitable. To be a Christian in Sudan is to be persecuted beyond what any of us from the West can comprehend.

As we study the Life of Muhammad, and his violent ways, we cannot fathom how anyone could look to him as "The perfect human example", as Muslims do. Please educate yourselves on this religion and its violent leader. Take the time to read books like "The Biography of Muhammad" and "The Son of Hammas." Learn to love the Muslims enough to teach them a different way; to teach them about the love of a Savior, to teach them about a God who is personal and loving-not distant and violent.

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