Monday, June 27, 2011


We arrived at CTMDT (The Missionary College) last night to a warm welcome from our old friends. It was so heart warming to be welcomed back with such enthusiasm. Most of the students that we know have graduated, but most of the staff are still here-the majority of which were my English Students.

The kids immediately went for a swim to the amusement of the Brazilians. It is their winter and most of them are in long pants and sweatshirts. Their winter is similar to our summer, so we are quite comfortable to be wearing shorts!

We are here with i2 Ministries which is a Ministry that trains Christians in the history and fundamentals of Islam, and who's goal is to lead Muslims into a relationship with Christ. Training started this morning. Marko and I have been through the training before but are here as support for i2 and its founder, our friend, Joshua Lingel. Though we will attend some classes, we will not be completing the whole training. It is a relief to not have to study our tails off like the last time we were here! This time, we can enjoy some time with our children without the pressures of studies!

We are headed out to one of our favorite restaurants (X-Burgers) for a Brazilian Hamburger and some Acai dessert! I will leave you with some photos of the kids at the pool and some of our Brazilian friends.

The two girls with the colorful bags are our friends, Tamaris and Taslaina. They are teenage sisters who live in the favelas (slums). Thanks to those of you who donated money to help them, we were able to bring them some clothes from the United States. The bags are filled with clothes and the girls were all smiles when they opened their gifts-thank you for blessing them! We have many more things to present them with, and I will be sure and post those pictures when we do!

Boa Noite!

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