Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back in Brazil

After 28 hours of traveling (18 of which were in the air), we arrived in Belo Horizonte, Brazil yesterday evening. It is good to be back in this country that we love, and we anticipate the next two weeks as we make new friends and reunite with old ones.

Our friends, Maisel and Marcia met us at the hotel where their friend, Junior, dropped us off, and we went out to a wonderful Brazilian Meal. It was great to eat Brazilian food again-something that we have missed!

We are currently staying at a hotel as our room at the Missionary College was having some major toilet issues. Apparently the smell in our room was so bad that they decided to put us up in a hotel for the first couple of days. After our initial disappointment, we decided to just enjoy the next day or two with our family. Once we get the the college we won't have a lot of quiet time!

The kids did amazing traveling. They were troopers as we manouvered (sp) four different flights to get here.

This blog will be short as the kids just woke up (11:00) and we are starving! I will leave you with some photos that we took from the airplane. They are breathtaking and I have labeled them "The Signature of God." I will also post some pictures of us with our fifteen pieces of luggage which we miraculously crammed into a Volkswagon! Just so you don't think we brought that much stuff for ourselves, we have four large bags of clothes, shoes, and school supplies that were donated from our church to a family we know that lives in the favelas. Thank you to all who donated! I will post pictures of the family when they receive their gifts later this week.

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  1. Wow Shelley! I can see why you labeled the photos..."Signature of God"! Absolutely breathtaking! So glad you all arrived safe & sound! All our love & prayers to you!