Monday, June 20, 2011

New Opportunities

With the ending of one season comes the beginning of another. After saying goodbye to Lifestyle Homes and also to raising young children, Marko and I have had several new opportunities presented to us. We are very grateful for this season of new beginnings.

Through a strange series of events, Marko auditioned for the role of "Cameron Clay" in a T.V. Mini Series called "Somethings Out There" by local producer Michael Lienau. Michael his wife, Shari, and their nine children have become dear friends to us over these past few months as we have spend countless hours filming (in Marko's case), and hanging out on set (in my case). It was such a "God thing" that Marko got this role and I believe it was the Lord's way of pulling him up out of a depression that had seized hold of him during the past three years of stress and loss.

Marko, who had never acted in his life, seemed to be the perfect fit for the role of Cameron Clay. He had so much fun hanging out with the cast and crew of "Somethings Out There" and we look forward to the future and what it will hold. At this time, the trailor is completed as well as an introductory clip of the Mini Series which is a Christian film meant to counteract such popular supernatural shows as "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" with the real supernatural (spiritual). "Something's Out There" is aimed at families and specifically "Tweens". Several networks are interested in picking up the series, but financing is still in the works. You can view the trailor for this film at: Look for key word: Joshua Clay. It is possible that when the show is picked up they will want some new Actors/Actresses. We are, of course, hopeful that Marko will be able to continue being a part of this amazing vision that the Lienau's and the show's writer have had. I truly believe that this mini series will have far reaching affects and will bring many into the fold's of Christ.

To his amazement, Marko is doing something else that he never would have imagined. He is selling cars in Renton with his friend, Tony. Always one to joke about used car salesmen, Marko is biting his words as he takes on this role himself. Marko needed a job and Tony had a position to fill. For the past four or five months Marko has been commuting to Renton and learning the car game. I must say, I think that he surprised himself with how much he is enjoying sales and the benefits of being a part of a team again. This is in no way his lifetime ambition, however, it serves a purpose for this season of time and we are grateful for a steady paycheck (and health insurance)!!!

As for me: Several small opportunities have arisen for me during this past year. After helping out with the Women's Bible Study and retreat at our church last Fall, I was asked to take over as the Coordinator for Women's Bible Studies. This came as a total surprise to me and it took me several weeks to say "yes" to this position. When I think about it, it is almost comical that I took so long to decide. The Lord put Women's Ministries on my heart eighteen years ago. I have had a strong desire to lead women for all of these years. I just wasn't prepared for someone to ask me straight out if I was willing to take over and then to have several people confirm that role for me. I suppose I had given up on the idea of leading Women's Ministries as I poured myself into the tasks of motherhood.

I love my (volunteer) position with Women's Ministries at Stanwood Foursquare, but I also realized that I need to make some money! Upon accepting the position, I was immediately given the opportunity to help design some flip flops for our good friend's shoe company. I had so much fun doing this and was blessed when they paid me well for it! The flip flops will be out in Spring of 2012! That may have been the end of my flip flop design career, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and appreciate Bob and Danielle for allowing me to help!!

Just recently I got a job writing for an internet company called "The Content Authority". I have not yet had time to write any articles (other than the one that got me accepted) as we are headed for Brazil in two days! Let's just say that I am VERY excited and thankful for a chance to hone my writing skills. This is something I am passionate about and hope that it will lead me to other writing jobs. My life and my heart are full!

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