Friday, November 27, 2009


This is my last week teaching English in Brazil for the year. I mentioned recently that December is summer break in Brazil. Most of my students are either graduating or heading home for Feliz Natal (Christmas). They will come back in February to start a new school year.

One of my classes consists of the staff at CTMDT who are also leaving for vacation. Thursday was our last class together and they wanted to make me breakfast to say thank you. My theme for class that day was a Hawaiian/Beach theme. I wanted to share some of my photos with you. These students are very special to me and I am saddened to say goodbye. We will not be here when they get back from vacation. They prayed for our family and told us to please come back to live in Brazil full time. We are planning on heading home in January to spend some time resting and seeking God on our future involvement with our Brazilian Community. We do not plan to live here full time, but can see ourselves traveling here yearly and contributing to the community of Santa Luzia which we have come to love, not for its physical beauty, but for the beauty of the people and their hearts towards our family. We are still considering the job offer that has been presented to us to start and run an English Program for the Missionary College.

Just as school is wrapping up for the year, so are sports. Marko has been playing on a futebol team most Thursday nights for fun with some of the CTMDT students, as well as, local community members. The guys have nicknamed him "Renaldo" who is a famous professional futebol player here in Brazil. They have been impressed with "The white guy" from America who is twice their age! Marko has managed to keep up with the guys pretty good considering his knee issues. I have included a great photo of Marko with his teammates.

School for our children will be over by mid December. They have done an amazing job of adjusting to school in Brazil. It has not been easy for them considering the language barrier, but they have been able to meet some friends and learn some Portuguese, which was our goal for putting them into a Portuguese school. Marko spends a lot of time with his friend, Giogo, who is over at our house a couple of times a week. Please pray for Giogo. Giogo has shared with Marko that he does not have any other friends at his school. It seems that he is one of those kids that other students tease and are often mean to. He is devastated that Marko will not be here to finish the school year with him. We are worried that this young boys heart will continue to be hurt by the cruelty of other children. As in America, there always seems to be an "underdog" whom kids like to pick on. I am so proud of Marko for always loving the underdog, a prayer that I have prayed for all of my kids since they were born. I will try to locate a picture of Giogo if I can find one and will post it so that you can put a face to the name and can pray for him if it's on your heart.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will be celebrating with some friends on Sunday. I am pretty sure this will be my first attempt at baking a turkey!

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