Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I only have a minute as I am at the Lunchonette at CTMDT and they are closing. We are shutting off the internet and phone at our house because it is outrageously expensive for what we consider to be pretty lousy service. We will not have as much time to communicate with you all but we promise to keep blogging and emailing.

Our last day in Buzious was gorgeous and I got my chance to cruise the open sea in a boat! It was a wonderful day. I thought about my queezy friends back home as the three hour boat ride was a little hard on the stomach. The worst part was that we got off the boat and a couple of hours later hopped on our first of three bus rides that would take us home. We were on buses for twelve hours so that is a total of fifteen hours traveling on wavy seas and windy roads. I am seriously still nausious a day and a half later!

I have to run. I am leaving for Rio early tomorrow morning. Marko is still waiting to hear if his visa got approved for Nigeria. Stay tuned...and enjoy the pictures.

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