Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Feliz Aniversario Gabriella!

Gabriella celebrated her sixth birthday last Friday. Marko and I let her skip school and we took her to the local bakery, Pao Mais, for breakfast and to pick out a cake. Shockingly, she chose the cake with the most frosting and a blue octopus on top. No pink for this girl!

After breakfast Gabriella and I walked to the neighborhood coffee shop to say hi to our friend, Antonio, who owns the cafe. We shared a cappucino (I have settled for an iced, instant cappuccino-you know those little packets of coffee with flavoring). I am actually starting to like it though I still dream of Starbucks or Walker's coffee back home.

We planned a quiet dinner with our family at Denilho's pizza, but we ended up having a few friends join us last minute, which turned out to be a lot of fun. After dinner we went to our neighbors house to watch an American Movie (Love Comes Softly). It is a mini series and SO good. It takes place in the 1800's and brought me back to those "Little House on the Prairie" days. Boy to do I miss innocent television shows like that one. T.V. has definitely gone down hill.

Birthday's are a big deal in Brazil-even more so than the United States- although parents spend a lot less money creating a special occasion for their children. Birthday's are a great excuse for to have Churrasco with your friends. We invited a few friends over on Saturday afternoon to celebrate Gabriella's birthday. Unfortunately, my camera battery died so I only had a few photos to chose from. The day was very enjoyable and Gabriella seemed to enjoy herself. She has made a very good friend here in Brazil, Anna Victoria. I have posted pictures in the past. Anna Victoria is a beautiful girl who's energy almost (but not quite) matches Gabriella's! They are in the same class at school and the language barrier does not detract from their friendship.

Gabriella has always been very rough with her toys. I am happy to report that she made it through her party with limited damage to her new presents. She attempted to super glue a cloth strawberry back onto her new cell phone carrier. The problem was that her Barbie cell phone was in the carrier. The two got glued together and of course when I tried to separate them, both items were damaged in the process. Gabriella also decided that her new Hannah Montana Barbie (her first Hannah Montana gift) needed a haircut. So far, her other gifts have remained unharmed five days after her birthday! Perhaps by age seven Gabriella will become a gentle, docile, child who's well preserved toys will end up handed down to her own children! Ha Ha Ha!!

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  1. juks,

    happy birthday to GG. She is beautiful, just like her mother. That can happen with the Barbie cell phones, getting glued together and Hannah Montana's hair was getting long.

    love the blog, look forward to it everyday.

    thank you for taking the time to write in it.

    Love you guys,