Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feliz Aniyersario Gabriella!

Our baby turned six on Friday. Marko and I took her to breakfast at the local bakery, Pao Mais, so she could pick out her own cake. We had a relaxing day as a family and then went to dinner at our friend's pizza restaurant with a small group of people. Birthday's are a big celebration in Brazil so we planned a little party at the house for Saturday. We had a few friends join us for a Brazilian BBQ. It was a very relaxing day and Gabriella only managed to damage about three of her new toys! She tried to super glue her pink cel phone cover to the cel phone, and I ended up having to rip the two items apart! She then decided to give her new Hannah Montana Barbie (her first Hannah Montana item) a haircut! There were a couple of other little mishaps, but overall, her toys have lasted longer than usual. This is the reason why I don't buy my children a lot of toys-what's the point?! They are really rough with their things. The battery died on my camera early on during the party so I only have a few photos to share with you. I will blog again soon, but for now I am going to say goodbye and spend some quiet time with Marko-listening to the rain. We have been blessed with several rain showers these past two weeks and we are thankful! Boa Noite!

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