Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well, I promised several updates on my blog this week but I have not had many opportunities to write. We moved into our new home and do not yet have internet. I have to walk to CTMDT (just two blocks away) to use the internet. We have been spending the week getting settled into the house and preparing it for when Marko comes home (tomorrow). We are missing him and have had hardly an contact with him since he left a week ago. The kids and I are doing pretty good but they have been testing my patience this week. I need daddy to come home and take over!

Here is a NOT so funny kid story: Let me start out by saying that Noah absolutely loves weapons. The other day we were at our new house with the current renters and some of their friends, including a couple of pastors. We were having a small church service to send Anna Paul and Leonardo off on their mission trip to Portugal. We we were all sitting around talking when all of a sudden Noah brought out his two pocket knives. Everyone in the room stared in horror and started to talk amongst themselves, shaking their heads. All I could make out was that this was a bad thing. I felt really embarrassed and had no way of explaining the situation. One Brazilian could speak decent English and explained to me that it is very much illegal to carry weapons of any sort in Brazil. They said that you would get thrown into jail immediately. Obviously Noah is too young to be thrown into jail, but the fact that he was a child (my child) and the fact that I let him play with knives probably did not impress the locals! I know that he has been taught the right way to use a knife, but they of course have no idea about that! This was one of those moments where I wanted a hole in the floor to just swallow me up! Oh well, lesson learned. After everyone left Noah and I had a serious discussion about when it would be appropriate to show off his knives-I told him that Brazil was not that place! Now I will share another embarrassing story:

There was a bbq at CTMDT a few days ago. There were about thirty people there including the kids and I. A man named Jeone was the primary chef. He made us some delicious carne, including chicken, pork, and steak. After lunch, I went up to him and said "Muito Bonita" intending to say the lunch was very good which happens to be "Muito Bom". Now, I know the difference so I am not quite sure how the wrong words came out of my mouth, but what I unintentionally told him was that he was very beautiful! He gave me a really funny look, smiled, and then started to walk away. I immediately caught my mistake and shouted after him "Nao, Nao, Muito Bom"! What a was this married man who knew that my husband was out of town and probably thought I was picking up on him! I am certain it will not be my last linguistical mistake, so I just had to laugh it off!

Well, I still have more stories to share including how the kids got into a local school and how the professors for i2 ministries blessed us with their expertise on Islam, but those will have to wait for another day. I will say goodbye by sharing a few randoms photos.

By the way, I lost some of my email addresses when I switched email accounts. If you have not heard from me (Jody Wlasuik and Jenny Sepulveda for example), please email me at I have not forgotten about you!


  1. juks,

    love to hear the updates. intersted to hear about Marko's trip. Amazing to hear God working in your lives, it is encouraging.

    really miss you all.

    love dave

  2. How much fun it is to follow this journey of yours. Your stories are so funny.