Sunday, July 3, 2011

Almoco do Morro

We were blessed with an amazing lunch with our friends today. I was blown away at how hard they worked to provide a special meal for us. This was their way of thanking us for all that we (you all) have done for them. We were so honored to dine in their home. We ate lunch at the table that we gave them a year and a half ago when we left Brazil for the United States. They set the table with their best linens and insisted that we sit at the table while they sat on the well worn couch.

The food was beautiful and so delicious. They made enough food for five families and kept insisting that we eat more. As a result we are skipping dinner tonight! We left there with our tummies full and our hearts content.

We did not have a translator this time but we managed to converse rather well. I love practicing my Portuguese and cannot wait until the day that I am fluent! I fear this will be a long time off but I am determined to learn this language!

The kids kicked the futebol and Noah and Matteius played with Noah's homemade bow. Marko and I talked with Maria and Antonio the best that we could. It was a very pleasant afternoon and I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend time enjoying the company of Tamaris and her family. I am also grateful that our children got to experience a very different life than our own. It is humbling to realize how much we have in the United States and how little we really, truly need. The contrast is so vast that it overwhelms me.

As you look at these photos, please reflect on how much you have and give thanks to God for His provision in your lives. Please also pray for Tamaris and her family as they are also praying for you.

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