Friday, December 4, 2009

I have been planning to blog about some of the people who have helped our transition here in Brazil to be one of relative ease. There are many people who have reached out to us and gone above and beyond as we have settled into life in a foreign country. I will only be mentioning a few of them since I do not have family photos of everyone and I want you to see, as well as hear how they have blessed us. Maisel and Marcia have been a huge help to us in many ways. I regret that I do not have a family picture of them. I posted a couple of photos of them on a previous blog; two separate photos of them with their darling son, Samuel.

Our friend, Silvia, speaks good English and helped us to get our CPF cards (equivalent to a U.S. Social Security Card). She has also helped us with translations at the school that our children attend. Silvia's husband, Gustavo, is a helicopter mechanic at a local airport. Their daughter, Anna Victoria, is Gabriella's closest friend here in Brazil.

Eliane, an English Teacher, came along side me to help me in my preparations for teaching English. I came to Brazil totally unprepared to teach English, and she generously loaned me many books and activities from her stockpile of teaching lessons. She has opened up her heart and her home to our family, and we are thankful for her. She and her husband, Geraldo, have three children: Diego, Daniel, and Sarah.

Our neighbors, Gislaine and Claydson, have been like family to us. We have spent more time with them than anyone else in Brazil. We are privileged to have them in our lives and we will miss them terribly. Gislaine, who at 26 and has the energy that I no longer have, took Gabriella under her wings and has formed a lifetime bond with our youngest child. This precious brother and sister have helped us to communicate with the landlords that we both share and have also assisted us in paying our bills when necessary. We have shared meals, laughs, vacations, and tears. Our lives have been impacted through their love.

Danilho and Claudia, have been a wealth of information for us. I have mentioned that they own our favorite local pizza restaurant. They also run the Creche, the school I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that provides affordable education for the poor. Danilho has driven Marko around on several occasions to work out the details of living in Brazil. He has been invaluable to us and has introduced us to many people whom have assisted us in ways that are yet to be fully realized. We thank God for he and Claudia as well as their son, Danininho.

Ezra, is a dear CTMDT student who amazes us with her maturity. Ezra is a twenty two year old former Muslim who speaks four languages. Born in Bosnia and raised in Germany, she is a worldly-wise young woman! She is always there to interpret for us when we need it and she has blessed us with her contagious joy. We have enjoyed talking with her about her "boyfriend" problems and have been blessed to pray with her regarding her desires to be married and to go into the mission field.

There are many other Brazilians that have reached out to us and loved us. We are so humbled by this culture of people and their warmth towards us. We are in awe of their contentment in the little things. We have learned so much from watching their lives and from experiencing their love. We are forever changed and forever grateful for this experience in Brazil, and we believe this is only the beginning of our relationship with this little community.

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